Interpretation of various modern batteries

Water injection battery

The battery developed in Germany only needs to be injected into the water power supply cylinder, flash lamp and toys. The battery can be stored for 50 years and can be discharged and charged. When charging, take off the cover to clean the inside and fill with water

Bacterial battery

The battery developed in Japan puts two kinds of bacteria into the syrup. One kind of bacteria nibbles the syrup to produce organic acids, and the other kind of bacteria acidifies the organic acids into hydrogen, which reacts with the released phosphoric acid and then discharges

Ultra thin battery

This kind of battery made in France is thick and soft like ordinary paper. It can be cut or folded at will like paper. It can be recharged thousands of times. It can be used in watches and cars

Invisible battery

American scientists invented the world's small battery. Its diameter is only 70 microns, which is similar to the size of common cold virus and can only be seen under the electron microscope. The battery can generate 0.02V voltage within 45 minutes

Nuclear battery

The nuclear battery is also called "radioisotope battery". Isotopes continuously emit rays with heat energy in the process of decay. This isotope is called "radioisotope". People use semiconductor thermoelectric conversion elements to convert the heat energy of these rays into electrical energy and make nuclear cells

Isotopes can release much more energy than ordinary materials in natural decay, and decay time is very long. Therefore, nuclear batteries have large energy, small size, and can be used for a long time. Moreover, the size and speed of energy released during isotope decay are not affected by temperature, chemical reaction, pressure, electromagnetic field, etc. in the external environment. Therefore, it is known for its strong anti-interference and accurate and reliable operation, and has become the leader in the battery family

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