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Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer

James is a criminal defense attorney that knows how to win cases. He has tried over 150 cases since 1997, has served in over 25 courts, and worked as an Assistant District Attorney for over five years before moving to private practice. He has the knowledge to deliver results, and the experience to give you the best representation the law allows.

What kind of cases does James defend?

Don't take chances with your life! You could lose you property, your family and your freedom if you don't act to protect your rights. Don't trust any criminal attorney with a history of plea bargains under their belt. You need someone who is willing to fight in court, and would only plea bargain if it is in your best interests. You need a criminal defense lawyer with the experience to stand up to the police, district attorneys, and evidence specialists that are all employed by the state against you. You need someone with the courage that it takes to win your case. You need James Geraghty.

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